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Introducing Virtual Accounts for the Reality of Travel.

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How do you keep control of travel spending as corporate travel continues to change?

With constant change in the corporate travel industry, and the evolving needs of business travelers, containing and managing travel spending is difficult. The Business Travel Account with Virtual Payments offers a solution - allowing you to centralize more types of spending for more types of business travelers.

More options, more control. A quick look at how it works.

  1. Book Travel as Usual for Air and Rail:

    Use a Virtual Account Number (VAN) that sits with your Travel Management Company (TMC) to pay for air and rail.

  2. Now you can also pay for Hotel and Low-Cost Carrier Airlines:

    Use a Dynamic VAN including start and end-dates for each transaction for hotel and low-cost air carrier reservations.

  3. Centralized Bill:

    Get one monthly statement for all Business Travel Account transactions, so you can track and conveniently pay for air, rail, hotel and low-cost-carriers.

  4. Reconcile Transactions:

    Use this single statement, data from client-defined fields for each transaction as well as improved data files and reconciliation tools to quickly allocate charges.

    In the end, you capture more of your spending in a centralized account, so you have the ability to control more of your travel expenses.

    *Currently, to use BTA with Virtual Payments for hotel and low cost carrier airline bookings, a third party service provider, with whom your TMC has a separate agreement, is required to automate the distribution of virtual account numbers. American Express has chosen to work with Conferma, an unaffiliated third party, to provide virtual account number services in connection with BTA with Virtual Payments

Features & Benefits

Improve Efficiency and Visibility

Centralize more spending into a single account

  • Use Virtual Account Numbers (VANs) to manage air—including low cost carriers—plus hotel and rail expenses
  • Set usage dates at the time of booking with established merchants to help decrease fraud and increase travel policy compliance
Streamline Reconciliation

Simplify reconciliation

  • Access your online billing statement and data files via American Express @Work®
  • Take advantage of two new Global Data Files that allow you to configure data for upload to your expense management, accounting and financial systems
Save Time with Online Management Tools

Improve the traveler experience

  • Your employees can still book their trips, while simplifying the tracking and itemizing of their expenses and receipts
  • Contractors, job applicants and employees without Corporate Cards can travel with fewer out-of-pocket expenses or reimbursement hassles
Benefits for Travelers

Travel With More Confidence

  • Business Travel Accident Insurance Read More
    CloseBusiness Travel Accident Insurance

    Business Travel Accident Insurance (“BTAI”) provides accidental death and dismemberment insurance coverage when Card Members charge their scheduled flight, cruise, train, or bus ticket to their Corporate Card.

    Eligible Card Members receive up to $500,000, 24-hour door-to-door coverage for business trips for up to 30 days and up to $250,000 coverage for personal trips while boarding, traveling on and exiting a scheduled flight, cruise, train, or bus. This coverage is underwritten by Federal Insurance Company and provided at no additional fee.

  • Baggage Insurance Plan Read More
    CloseBaggage Insurance Plan

    Baggage Insurance Plan♦ coverage can be in effect for Eligible Persons for eligible lost, damaged, or stolen baggage during their travel on a Common Carrier (e.g. plane, train, ship, or bus) when the entire fare for a ticket for the trip (one-way or round-trip) is charged to an eligible Account. Coverage can be provided for up to $1,250 for carry-on baggage and up to $500 for checked baggage, in excess of coverage provided by the Common Carrier (e.g. plane, train, ship, or bus). For New York State residents, there is a $10,000 aggregate maximum limit for all Covered Persons per Covered Trip. Please read important exclusions and restrictions.

  • 24/7 Global Assist® Hotline Read More
    Close24/7 Global Assist® Hotline

    Answers and advice when traveling
    Lose your wallet? Need a referral for a doctor? Global Assist Hotline is there to help with coordination and assistance services when you are traveling 100 or more miles from home. We can also help you with visa and customs information, and more. Card Members are responsible for the costs charged by third-party service providers.


♦AMEX Assurance Disclosure

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