Pay vendors with your American Express® Business
or Corporate Card.


Help your business improve cash flow management with a payment option within Sage Live.

Your company can pay vendors using Business Payments by American Express and Sage Live without leaving Sage Live.

With this alliance, you can conveniently make payments by ACH, check, or American Express Business or Corporate Card. By consolidating your payment information into one cloud-based system, Sage Live helps you schedule your payments, keep track of their status, and reduce the risk of payment errors and fraud.

You can also earn Membership Rewards® points or cash back in the form of a statement credit when using an eligible American Express Business or Corporate Card to make business payments within Sage Live.


Electronic Payment Solutions


  • With increased visibility, you can check the status of your payments in real-time and sort your spending reports by category, supplier, or time period.


  • Instead of using a third-party payment processor or picking up the phone, you can make seamless and secure Card payments to American Express accepting merchants without leaving Sage Live.


  • You can make payments with peace of mind knowing that suppliers will only receive your virtual Card account number when you use your American Express Business or Corporate Card within Sage Live.

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