TradeShift Go

American Express and Tradeshift Go

Making more secure
business purchases
is easy with
Tradeshift Go.1

Tailor your payment process to your needs and keep track of spend and trends over time.

Gain more visibility into company spending when you use your American Express® Business, Corporate, or Corporate Purchasing Card within Tradeshift Go. Empower employees to make purchases they need while you maintain the control and visibility necessary to run your business.

Get the convenience and speed of Tradeshift Go with the safety and security of American Express.


It’s efficient

Requests and approvals are seamless and quick, and reporting is clear and up to date.


It’s detailed

Track every transaction made through Tradeshift Go with your Business or Corporate Card.


It’s secure

Business purchases are more secure with virtual Card technology from American Express.

Here’s How It Works:
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Here’s How It Works:

  1. Receive requests
    Employees use Tradeshift Go's simple chat interface to get approvals for business purchases on any digital platform that accepts American Express.
  2. Make purchases with added security
    After an employee's request is approved, American Express issues a virtual Card number, which means your Card account number is not shared.
  3. Keep a close eye on spending
    The Tradeshift Go dashboard provides a 360-degree view of Card purchases: request, approval, payment, transaction receipt, and settlement, plus trends over time.

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Terms & Conditions

1 To be eligible for Tradeshift Go, your company must have a U.S.-issued American Express® Corporate Card, Business Card, or Corporate Purchasing Card. While there is no fee to use Tradeshift Go, you are still subject to the fees associated with your American Express® Corporate Card, Business Card, or Corporate Purchasing Card. To learn more and apply for a Tradeshift Go account for your company, please visit:

2 Not all Cards are eligible to get rewards. Terms and limitations vary by Card type.

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