A better way to manage spending

American Express and Tradeshift Go have made it easy to reconcile expenses and provide transaction-level controls

Spend less time paying vendors

Tradeshift Benefits

Easily manage company spending inside Tradeshift Go

  • Seamless & quick business purchase requests and approvals
  • Transactions & receipts in one place
  • Clear, up-to-date reporting & visibility from the Tradeshift Go dashboard

Tradeshift Go and American Express can help your business

  • Increase control
  • Reduce errors
  • Improve payment efficiency
  • Decrease fraud risk
  • Shrink time spent on invoicing payments & processing
  • Avoid paper-based payment processes

Are you a Tradeshift Go customer but don’t have an American Express® Corporate Card?

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How to Set Up Your American Express Corporate Program with Tradeshift Go

Step 1: Fast and Easy Set Up

Click here to create a Tradeshift Go account with your eligible Corporate Card program and invite your employees to set up their own account and link their Corporate Card to get started.

Step 2: Quick Requests & Approvals

Employees can use Tradeshift Go’s simple chat interface to request approval from your company to make a purchase at any online merchant that accepts the American Express® Card.

Step 3: Issue Tokens for Purchases

Once you approve your employee’s request, American Express issues a single-use token. The expense will appear on your employee’s Corporate Card Statement.

Step 4: Get Up-To-Date Reports on Spending

You can track every transaction made through Tradeshift Go with your Corporate Card. Easily see buyers, approvers, and department codes.


Get Started

To be eligible for Tradeshift Go, your company must have an American Express® Corporate Green Card, American Express® Corporate Gold Card, Corporate Platinum Card® from American Express, or Corporate Centurion® Card from American Express and accept the terms of the American Express Payment Services agreement. To register for a Tradeshift Go account, please visit: https://tradeshift.com/go/

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