Put more time back on your side — streamline how
you pay suppliers

Shrink the time it takes to pay vendors and take advantage of Card benefits while you’re at it. No matter your business’s size, we’ll match you with a partner to help you automate your accounts payable processes while earning rewards of your Card.1,2

What automated payments can do for your business

Automating your accounts payable has a positive impact throughout your whole company. Your business can:


Earn Rewards

Earn the rewards of your Card when you pay suppliers with your Card.


Save Time

Make multiple payments at once to substantially reduce time spent on manual processing.

Dollar Sign

Maximize Cash Flow

Boost cash flow flexibility when you make supplier payments with your Card.


Enhance Security

Rest assured your supplier payments will be sent securely.

How it Works

Card Swipe

Initiate a Payment

Once the partner’s software is integrated, simply select the invoices you want to pay.


Suppliers Receive
Your Payment

Your vendors will be sent secure emails confirming payment.


Reconcile Your Books

By streamlining your billing process, you can reduce the need for manual reconciliation.

Solutions for businesses of all sizes

With our partners listed below, we can help you find the right solution that works with your current accounting system and meets your business’ accounts payable needs.

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Terms and Conditions

1Users may be required to enroll their eligible American Express Business, Corporate or Corporate Purchasing Card for virtual payments on the American Express B2B Payments Card Enrollment portal. Users must sign up with one of our participating financial software providers and are subject to their terms. Fees may apply. To learn more, please contact your American Express representative.

2Not all Cards are eligible to get rewards. Terms and limitations vary by Card type.