BTA Online Statements

About BTA Online Statements

BTA Online Statements are accessed securely through the Online Statement and Payment Center within American Express @ Work®. Statement data is available in Adobe Acrobat® PDF and Microsoft® Excel formats. The flexibility of the statement design makes for easier identification, reconciliation and payment of charges.

BTA Online Statements can help maximize your business efficiency with:

  • BTA transactions appearing directly online, organized by supplemental account and industry category
  • 24/7 access to your statement online, from anywhere
  • Immediate access to up to 13 months of past statements
  • Faster statement delivery - typically 10-14 days quicker than paper statements
  • Statement Ready email alerts that link you to the Online Statement and Payment Center
  • The ability to add multiple employees to receive the online statement
  • The option to pay online if you are enrolled in Corporate Online Payments

To see all the features of BTA Online Statements please view the demo

Enroll Today for BTA Online Statements

Turning BTA paper statements off and switching to online statements is easy. Before you begin, identify who in your company will be enrolling for BTA online statements. Since you can enroll multiple statement recipients, it is typically the current paper statement recipient, BTA Program Administrator, and/or person responsible for initiating the payment.

The current paper statement recipient should complete the online enrollment form.

Employees who would like to enroll, but are not the current paper statement recipient must complete a paper enrollment form, and fax or email the form to American Express, as instructed.

In both cases, once the statement recipient is successfully enrolled, s/he will receive a confirmation email from American Express.

If you have any questions regarding BTA online statements, please contact your Account Manager or call the American Express @ Work Help Desk at 1-800-238-8087, Monday through Friday, 5 am - 5 pm MST.