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Enterprise business owner checking the benefits of American Express Corporate Purchasing Card online.

Cut Costs On Low Dollar, High Volume Transactions

The American Express® Corporate Purchasing Card allows you to offer managers or departments the flexibility to make low, value high frequency business purchases from office supplies to equipment to temporary staffing, while helping you to set spending limits1 and controls that can help ensure internal policy compliance and control expenses. Centralizing purchases also helps your company reduce costs, increase productivity and simplify expense management.

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Business Travel Account (BTA) from American Express is a card-less payment solution that helps centralize and control travel expenses for enterprise businesses.

Centralize and Control Travel Expenses

For infrequent travellers, contractors and consultants, Business Travel Account (BTA) from American Express offers a card-less solution for streamlining, controlling and centralizing travel related expense. With BTA, you’re able to book travel through your Travel Management Company, gain visibility to travel policy compliance and provide employees with access to benefits.

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Reduce the risk of online fraud and control our enterprise business spend with vPayment, a virtual payment solution from American Express.

Reduce Risk Of Fraud & Control Spend

vPayment from American Express is a virtual payment solution that allows you to create a single-use account number and set preauthorize payment amounts and usage dates, and enhanced data capture to securely pay and easily reconcile expenses.

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Enterprise owners using Buyer Initiated Payments (BIP), a digital payment solution from American Express, to  assess and improve working capital management & supplier relationships.

Improve Working Capital Management & Supplier Relationships

BIP is a digital payment solution that allows you to leverage your American Express billing cycle to help improve payment efficiency and cash management. With BIP, vendors are paid by American Express, allowing your company to extend Days Payable Outstanding (DPO) for up to 14 days.2

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Terms & Conditions

1. Certain Corporate Purchasing Card ("CPC") charges may be incurred in excess of or outside the parameters of the limit set on an account, and company will still be liable to American Express for such charges.

2. The number of days by which your DPO is extended will depend on when during your American Express Card billing cycle you charge a transaction to a supplier. The date the transaction is posted to your account, and the date you pay the amounts due on your American Express billing statement will determine the number of days you extend which may be less than 14 days.