A solution to help you manage the complete B2B relationship.


Help your business improve cash flow management with Sage and American Express.

Now your company can pay vendors by ACH or check using Business Payments by American Express and Sage Live without leaving Sage Live. With this alliance, the benefits of Sage Live have expanded to include secure payments with American Express.


Electronic Payment Solutions


  • View payment status in real-time.


  • Simple online set-up and controls.


  • Help reduce risk of fraudulent payments.

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Business Payments by American Express and Sage Live includes ACH payment service provided by American Express and Check payment service by Sage. Only Sage Live customers are eligible to enroll in these services. Separate enrollment is required for each payment type.

Sage charges fees for Business Payments by American Express and Sage Live. Sage Live customers will be charged per transaction. Each check is billed at $1.50 and each ACH transaction at $0.50. Sage will not charge fees for returned checks, however customers may incur a fee from their financial institution. Sage charges a fee of $15.00 for each returned ACH. Fees subject to change at Sage’s discretion.

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