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American Express and SAP Ariba

A procure-to-pay solution that’s
got you covered end-to-end —
all on one platform.

Get added security and control when making purchases for your business

Our integrated solution lets you use your American Express® Corporate Purchasing Card to make secure virtual Card payments right in the SAP Ariba environment. Additionally, you can take advantage of seamless reconciliation, improved spending visibility, added control, and the ability to help improve cash flow.

Streamline your procure-to-pay process

Gain Efficiencies

The automated process means less manual entry, and since everything happens on a single platform there is no need to toggle in and out of a separate standalone payment system.

Save Time

The integrated solution lets you pay suppliers quickly and then reconcile purchases faster as American Express transaction data is automatically captured and matched to purchase order (PO) data from SAP Ariba.

Benefit Your Suppliers

Suppliers on the Ariba Network can receive payments sooner (depending on buyer instructions), reduce fraud exposure with virtual Card payments, and view payment status anytime within the SAP Ariba platform.

Further your strategic goals

Get Added Security

The virtual Card number American Express sends for each payment means the supplier never needs to see or store your actual Card number, while embedded controls correspond with the payment amount and timing you specify.

Help Improve Cash Flow

Pay vendors promptly and take advantage of your American Express billing cycle to utilize that cash on hand for your business until your Card payment is due.

Uncover New Insights

Discover ways to help streamline and manage spending utilizing insights from Ariba Spend Analysis and the American Express Spend IQ® tool.

Here's how it works:

Here's How It Works:
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Here's How It Works:

  1. Order purchases as usual
    Purchase order is automatically created, including payment terms from vendor master.
  2. Invoice is automatically generated
    The payment terms you set are pre-populated. Your supplier can log into Ariba Network and add final charges like shipping costs.
  3. Invoice is validated and payment approved
    Your business receives the invoice via SAP Ariba, validates it, approves payment, and the payment request is sent to SAP Ariba automatically. Your supplier receives timely notification, logs in, and processes payment.
  4. Transaction is automatically reconciled
    Enhanced American Express data file is uploaded to your ERP system. PO, invoice, and general ledger (optional) are automatically matched, validated, and reconciled.

Don’t have a Card?

Corporate Purchasing Card

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Terms & Conditions

To pay a supplier within the SAP Ariba platform, the supplier must be an American Express accepting merchant on the Ariba supplier network and agree to accept American Express virtual Card payments. Data from payment transactions made to suppliers outside the SAP Ariba supplier network will not be automatically captured or reconciled.

Additional terms and restrictions apply.

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