• FedEx Freight

    FedEx Freight

    Receive a 75% Discount on freight shipping

    Consolidate your LTL (Less-Than-Truckload) freight shipping and save on FedEx Freight® Priority when speed is critical or FedEx Freight® Economy when you can trade time for savings.


    Please note that as of December 31, 2016, FedEx Freight will no longer be part of the Savings@Work program. Any amounts that are charged to your company's Corporate Cards by FedEx Freight on or after this date will not be eligible for the benefits of the Savings@Work program, including its discounts and rebates.

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    Save 75% »

    Offer Terms

    Only American Express Corporate Clients and/or Cardmembers are eligible to participate in this offer, exclusively available through 800-232-4556. Upon enrollment, a SaW discount of 75% is available off of FedEx Freight® Priority and FedEx Freight® Economy shipments when you use your American Express Corporate Card. Please see the FXF 100 Series Rules Tariff for full terms and conditions of these services at www.fedex.com/us/freight/rulestariff/fxfrulestariff.html. Savings are exclusive of any surcharges, premiums, or special handling fees. Rates are not available to package consolidators. Eligibility for SaW Discounts is subject to FedEx credit approval. SaW Discounts and availability are subject to change. FedEx SaW Discounts available to accounts with U.S.-based billing address only.

    An American Express Corporate card must be used to receive the FedEx® Priority Freight and/or FedEx® Economy Freight 75% SaW Discount.  Failure to use the Card on purchases associated to the program may lead to the removal of the Freight discount program from your FedEx account.

  • FedEx Office

    FedEx Office

    Earn a 5% rebate on eligible charges on the first $40,000 spent with FedEx Office. Maximum rebate of $2,000 each year your company is eligible.

    With more than 1,800 state-of-the-art, digitally connected U.S. locations, FedEx can deliver affordable solutions for every job.


    Please note that if you are an existing American Express Corporate Card client prior to January 1, 2017, your company will no longer be eligible for this FedEx Office rebate. This change applies to any amount charged to your company's Corporate Cards by FedEx Office on or after this date.

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    Offer Terms

    Companies who annually spend over $40,000 (period September through  August), regardless of payment method used, either individually or as part of a national account, on FedEx Office® services are not eligible for SaW in the following calendar year.. FedEx Office Commercial Account program participants are ineligible for SaW Rebate on FedEx Office qualifying charges. The SaW Rebate paid on Company’s first $40,000 of qualifying Card charges on FedEx Office printing, copying, and graphic design services in any eligible calendar year where FedEx Office is merchant of record. The maximum rebate received from the 5% SaW Rebate for FedEx Office purchases will be $2,000.00. Your company will receive the savings as part of the annual SaW rebate check.  To learn if you are eligible, please contact your Program Administrator.

Please enter the first 5 digits of your American Express® Corporate Card in order to access savings.