The Savings@Work® ("SaW") program is a benefit provided by American Express to its eligible Corporate Card clients ("Company" or "Companies") through which a Company gets point-of-sale discounts ("SaW Discount") or annually disbursed rebates ("SaW Rebates") (SaW Discount and SaW Rebates, collectively, "SaW Benefit") on eligible spend made using the American Express Corporate Card (“Card”) issued in the U.S. with participating SaW partners. SaW Benefits are available only to Companies and are not available to individual Card Members..

To be eligible to receive notification of SaW Benefits, a company must be an active Corporate Card client and in good standing with American Express during the preceding calendar year. American Express determines company eligibility and company eligibility may change at any time. Companies that comprise American Express’ Global and Large Client Group are ineligible for SaW Rebate. Please call 1-888-800-8564 to find out more about the SaW program, your company’s eligibility and how to opt out of the SaW program. Eligible spend includes tips, gratuities, taxes, delivery fees, surcharges and any other amounts included in the charge with the participating SaW partner as billed minus returns and other credits. The SaW Discount is provided at the time of online purchase through the participating partners’ website URL which can be found on or in America Express’ marketing communications. The SaW Rebate is determined annually at calendar year-end and disbursed to Company directly (not individual Card Members) within 15 weeks after the end of the applicable calendar year. SaW Rebate will be based on Eligible Spend made in the preceding calendar year. If Company's aggregate annual SaW Rebate is less than $10, Company will not receive a SaW Rebate. Some charges may be ineligible for SaW Benefits depending on SaW partner and such SaW partner's terms. SaW Benefits vary depending on SaW partner. All Company transactions with SaW partners are between the Company and SaW partner and not American Express, and may be subject to additional SaW partner terms and conditions. American Express reserves the right to change or terminate the SaW program at any time in its discretion without notice.