American Express® Corporate Purchasing Card

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Features & Benefits

Help improve your purchase and payment process from end-to-end

The Corporate Purchasing Card can help your company, and suppliers benefit from a streamlined procure-to-pay process.

  • Employees can conveniently make business purchases
  • The procurement department receives a consolidated view into supplier payments
  • Suppliers enjoy the ease and expediency of electronic payments
  • Accounts Payables can save time by eliminating the need for invoices and checks

Access American Express' network of supplier relationships

Our closed loop network infrastructure in the B2B space captures and processes accurate transaction data, delivered in a timely, easy to use manner. And, our dedicated Supplier Enablement Team can help with supplier enrollment strategies and supplier adoption.

Benefit from our knowledgeable and dedicated customer service resources

Receive a high level of service and program management through our dedicated account management professionals. They can help your company create an expense management program designed to fit your company’s needs.

Help Manage How When and Where Employees Spend

With the American Express Corporate Purchasing Card, you can manage flexible spending options* in the following areas: transaction, monthly, temporary, budgetary, and variances. Your company can also choose to use the Corporate Purchasing Card in various ways to help support your program strategy, such as: Individual Cards for traditional end-user buyers, Supplier Cards for use with designated suppliers, Department Cards for employees within a department, and Accounts Payable Cards for payment of approved invoices.

Help Streamline the Reconciliation Process

With the web-based Corporate Account Reconciliation** (CAR) tool, you can centralize your Corporate Purchasing Card spending, gain a clear view of your maintenance, repair, and operations spending across your business , and improve the allocation and reconciliation process by reducing manual data entry.

*Certain Corporate Purchasing Card (CPC) charges may be incurred in excess of, or outside, the parameters set on an account, and company will still be liable to Americans Express for such charges

**There is a one-time implementation setup required for the Corporate Account Reconciliation Tool. To learn more, please contact your account manager.