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Gain Valuable Insights With Spend IQ®

PAYVE's spend analytics service uses proprietary technology and predictive intelligence to deliver a strategy for payment process improvement. The actionable, long-term insights of Spend IQ include payment method analysis, invoice frequency assessment, speed-of-pay analysis and supplier segmentation.

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Migrate to Digital Payments Easily With Supplier Enablement

PAYVE's Supplier Enablement team helps you to make it easy for your suppliers to accept digital payments. Leveraging the insights from Spend IQ, this dedicated American Express team develops and executes a strategic enrollment plan that includes creating supplier value propositions, conducting proactive outreach and communications, and providing ongoing support.

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Centralize Your Payments With PAYVE’s Payment Platform

PAYVE's payment platform allows you to process and centralize multiple payment methods through a single, secure online portal to streamline your payment processes and provide visibility and control of your payments. Available payment methods include:

  • Buyer-Initiated Payments
  • Check Payments
  • ACH
  • International Wire
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Save Money and Time With International Wire

PAYVE can help automate the often costly and inefficient process of making manual international payments. PAYVE can reduce the time it takes to pay and process international payments, and American Express consistently gives competitive foreign exchange rates in over 110 currencies.

Automate & Outsource Check Printing

PAYVE enables you to outsource and automate your in-house check printing and mailing processes. With PAYVE, you can leverage your existing banking relationships, print checks on your desired layout, and provide a consistent experience to your suppliers. The service also includes the capability to initiate direct mail campaigns to help convert suppliers to electronic payments.

Reduce Paper Checks With ACH

PAYVE enables the continued reduction of paper checks by giving your suppliers an efficient electronic payment option. PAYVE's secure, online portal provides you and your suppliers visibility into your ACH payments while allowing you to maintain existing business processes and banking relationships.

Drive Efficiency With Buyer-Initiated Payments

BIP is a digital payment method that allows you to leverage your American Express Corporate Purchasing Card billing cycle to extend payment terms with your suppliers. With BIP, you can accelerate payments to suppliers while extending Days Payable Outstanding (DPO)*. BIP can help drive efficiency and cost savings by reducing paper checks and transitioning to digital payments.

*Actual DPO extension will vary based on payment terms with the supplier, the date of the charge, the billing cycle cutoff date, and the payment date.