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Features & Benefits

Enhance Authorization Controls

To keep you in control of the authorization process. vPayment's unique account numbers help you authorize payment for the exact transaction amount during a specific time period.

Streamline Your Procure-to-Pay Process

To simplify the experience of using vPayment at your company, authorized users can request numbers via a web-based tool, or the entire process can be incorporated into an existing accounts payable or procurement system. Suppliers are able to accept vPayment – as long as suppliers accept American Express® Cards, their process for receiving payment doesn't change.

Minimize Program Administration

Because it requires minimal program administration, vPayment lets you focus on your job while it handles the transactions. By capturing accounting data for each transaction, it reduces the need to manually key or track data and the need to reconcile that data later. vPayment also enriches your accounting information for later reporting or analysis by integrating any additional supplier-provided data.

Gain Access to a Global Network of Suppliers

Because vPayment works with any supplier who accepts American Express Cards, you’ll be able to use it with a network of suppliers around the globe. American Express also provides dedicated supplier enrollment teams to further aid in helping your key suppliers accept American Express Cards.

Benefit from World-Class, Dedicated Customer Service

With American Express’ world-class customer service, there’s someone ready to help. From the initial assessment and design of your program through implementation and beyond, we’re committed to understanding your business in depth and developing a long-term, ongoing relationship.